Man…I really really really need the sun ?? in my life. Finally saw the sun in Marseille today and this is the rooftop celebration song with Tanguy, my homegirl Elodie Rama and Benji Bouton on the beatbox! Shout out to the one and only The Wonderful World of Carminelitta on camera duty. Good vibrations ???

Check this…Me and the homie Benji Bouton vibing between soundcheck and travel and life…lots of my writing doesn’t make it to the world but helps to get ideas and expressions out of my head. This subject has been on my mind a lot lately plus Benji brings the vibes alive. Love love.

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When two flautists (Kats eyes and Hippolyte) meet for the first time backstage and I happen to walk in and start freestyling . good times

These Wax-tailor shows have been great. Really happy to have this way to release during this time. Been writing a lot too. Being. Breathing. Finding focus.