Slow motion music to vibe to. Download and enjoy.

In continued celebration of the 10 Year anniversary of my crew’s album Earthtones we’re opening up the vaults! Ever hear that remix joint the homie Thes 1 ( People Under The Stairs ) produced for us? Wanna hear the song we made in a hotel room while on tour with the amazing Brian Jackson? ( Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson ) How about the “B-Boy” remix (with Planet Asia, Chali 2na, Zumbi ( Zion I Crew ), The Grouch, and Mystic) and lots of other songs we made that for one reason or another never came out or were exclusives on a 12″ or were demos for a live performance…Here you go! Glad these can finally be hear. Enjoy! Pass it on! BIG up my peoples Ohmega Watts for the cover photo and the amazing Leagraph for the design!!! GO!

Crown City Rockers “Earthtones” FREE Download!!! 10 year anniversary of an underground classic! If you haven’t heard this album, get this. If you have play it again! Crown City Rockers is a 5 piece band (M.C.( ME) /drums/bass/keys/mpc) Truly proud of this and exited to share. This album has been unavailable for years and we finally got the rights back and excited to are it with you!!! GET IT!

10 Years ago me and my Crown City Rockers family released the album Earthtones… Making music is funny because you never know where it will end up. I’ve travelled to so many places and am always amazed when people quote certain songs or tell me what that album meant to them. We all wished we could have recorded something new or had a show or something but we’re all scattered out all over the place now and it just wasn’t possible (for now). Soooo we decided to celebrate in a different way. Headnod edited one of our shows at the independent in S.F. from back in the day and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure!BIG UP Max, Kat 010 , Headnodic and Woodstock! Love ya’ll Happy anniversary!!!

New Video from my album “Ceremony” shot in Tokyo Japan! Produced by Katrah-Quey! Big up the B-boy crew “Found Nation” and the Director Yuki Ogura: