Monthly Archives: July 2011

Lighters by Raashan Ahmad

Pics of the road and open spaces between gigs during my last tour…done by me.

Inspiration. Love how my homie Cap D reps! So fresh…Super happy to have got him on my record (on the track “Understanding”) Don’t sleep. All Natural Crew/Chicago.

RED LINE RADIO IS HERE!!!! The new album from my fam Headnodic (the Crown City Rockers/Mighty Underdogs/Raashan Ahmad producer) is out today! Here’s the 2cd single featuring me and Moe Pope aka Mission check it and spread it peoples. YES!

trailer of the upcoming film ‘An Eternal Soul’, which documents the late great Japanese producer known as Nujabes. An Eternal Soul Trailer (Nujabes Documentary) from Abe Spiegel on Vimeo.