Headnodic – “Pepper’s Lullabye”

The word from headnodic:

This is MY favorite song off of my album. I almost debated not putting it on because it might be a “stretch” for a hip-hop album. But, it’s MY album, so I kinda call the shots…

Moe Pope & Raashan Ahmad used to tell me back in 98′ “You gotta stop trying to make music to fit in the Hip-Hop box”. That non-conformist, unlimiting view of hip-hop music inspired some of the best moments of music our crew has created over the years. That sentiment is rattling in my head louder than ever right now, as I’m completing my next record of instrumental-prog-jazz-psych-hop-bashery… Matt Linares is working on the cover as we speak… I’ve never been more in love with making records than right now.

I hope you enjoy this video “Pepper’s Lullabye” from my album “Red Line Radio” made with the sun-roof of my Camry and my trusty iPhone (Steve Jobs R.I.P.)
…Dedicated to Amy

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