Raashan Ahmad -Soul Power

Just re-uploaded this… 13 tracks by me released a couple years ago…you should have this. Here’s the skinny…

Soul Power, inspired by his near constant travels while on the road for his debut solo album The Push, hitting most major (and minor) markets and the people and stories he met. “The Push was for me more of an introduction focusing mostly on my personal story, Soul Power while continuing that story puts the focus more on the tracks banging! both club worthy and music to chill by” The album features legends such as Aceyalone (freestyle fellowship) and newcomers (Alex Newman of Giant Panda, Wafeek, Ragen Fykes) and production from Crown City Rockers, Headnodic, Kas one , Stefonix (King of NYC Beat Battle champion) and more.

<a href=”http://raashanahmad.bandcamp.com/album/soul-power” _mce_href=”http://raashanahmad.bandcamp.com/album/soul-power”>Soul Power by Raashan Ahmad</a>

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