NEW ALBUM!!! Raashan Ahmad – “Ceremony”

It’s about to get really real now! HA! My new album “Ceremony” releases on Jakarta Records (Germany) April 15th! (Finalizing my U.S. label now) So proud of this record with help from my peoples from all around the world…( 20syl, Homeboy Sandman, Ty, Headnodic, Ta-ku, Miles Bonny , Mr President, Geoffrey Oryema (Official), Rita J., Crown City Rockers (OH YES!!!!!!) Sean Lamarr, Soia,The Park, Sarsha Simone, Katra-Quey, Mez, Adam Theis, Whitenoise, DJ Vajra, DJ Zeph, DJ Goldenchyld, DJ Saewhat, Christina Tamayo, Heather Vaughan, Rico Pabon, The sun, moon, stars, earth, wind and fire! I leave on Thursday to start my album release tour in Europe! I’ll be touring the states after that followed by Australia and Japan! Stay tuned for dates…Thanks so much for the support. I really put my heart into this and am excited to finally get it out. Here we gooooooo!!!

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