Monthly Archives: January 2014

Taking a recording break just having some fun with the homies at Parkhaus Studio in Koln Germany.

Check this! Cool project i did in Marseille France last year with Amazing artists from all over the world. Here’s a teaser.

Footage of me rockin in the Czech Republic with my Wilaya 49 crew!

Big up all the folks who have my album “Ceremony” in there best of 2013 lists! From album of the year nom in Marseille France to Album of the year in Milwaukee Wisconsin to track of the year in New … Continue reading

Raashan Ahmad, Banis (T.O.X.), Sista K (Watch Clan)= Wilaya 49 connect with the homie MicFlow (Under Kontrol) for a quick session backstage at Cabaret Aleatoire in Marseille France.