Monthly Archives: December 2016

this is me working through it. sending love to all my peoples finding it hard to breathe right now. “i refuse” shout to matthieu deton on the cello.

Me and Abel Ferrara (Film director King of New York, Bad lieutenant etc…) hanging before he called me on stage to rock with him and his band at one of the coolest clubs I’ve been to! Ha the randomness continues!

NEW from Soia!!! She just released her album and it so damn good!!! Soia a soul singer from Vienna and the album is just beautiful and produced by one of the illest producers named Mez. Check it! here’s one of … Continue reading

So I’ve really been focusing on working on my dj sets lately and putting into the universe that I want to be doing that more and then this! Excited to announce (I’ll be djing along with my absolute favorite DJ … Continue reading

Spread love. Me and keren ann on stage at Olympia – Paris. Oct. 2016 what an amazing moment on stage with my friend Keren Ann. She brought me on stage with her to play 2 songs together in this most … Continue reading